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Ria`s Kitchen by Bombay Junction is the latest addition to the Bombaye Junction family and was opened in August 2023. The story of Ria`s Kitchen can be found by clicking Here. Here at Ria`s Kitchen we operate slightly differently. Being based on the Apollo Buckingham Science Campus we cater for a large population of University students on a daily basis. As we are located next to Crewe Business Park we also find ourselves attracting much of the local businesses for both daily meals and corporate events. Due to this we serve both our authentic traditional Indian cuisine along with a fantastic offering of some English favourites. At Ria`s Kitchen we offer something for everyone, so grab your friends, family, work colleagues and anyone else you know and come join us at Ria`s Kitchen to fulfil whatever meal it is your craving.

Please click Here to find our opening hours & Location.

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